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inkygirls's Journal

The Official InkyGirls LiveJournal Community
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Welcome to IG on LJ!

InkyGirls is an adult-oriented online community that promotes and celebrates hot chicks with awesome tattoos. We feature nude and semi-nude striptease style photosets of each InkyGirl. A new set every week with full images available to paid supporters.

This livejournal is an open forum for folks (over the age of 18) who want to talk about the site, the girls, the pictures, tattoos, share tattoo stories, exchange ideas, have questions, etc.

This is also an opportunity for IG to announce updates, the addition of new photosets, and new inkygirls.

Please note:

InkyGirls is a commercial site that includes adult content with an emphasis on distinctive, beautiful ink and girls. So if you are not old enough to have a tattoo then you are probably not old enough to look at pictures of naked people.

If you want post pictures of yourself, please include the tattoo.

IG and this journal maintains an atmosphere of support and community so if you can't be nice you can a) watch me delete your posts or b) start up a shit talking journal of your own.

And please none of that derogatory hate speech bullshit. :)