Gun Girl with Curls.

The other day I posted this sketch, and it turned into this girl:

Number One in the recuperative, resussative, recreational triology. Modelled after split_pulse.

Tonight's drawing brought to you by:

Jem - "Finally Woken"
Jenny Lewis - "Rabbit Fur Coat"
Malacoda - "Cascade"
Shriekback - "Cormorrant"
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X posted to random ink communities

I want to get some new ink, I already have the design in mind for my birthsign on the back of my neck. I currently have something on my shoulder and my lower back.

I am in beauty school and won't be done til the end of this year, but when I graduate, I want a design to represent what I graduated from, the date, and the saying " Beauty is Pain " - I already know that I want shears, hot pink, maybe cutting a piece of hair or something.

Anyone have any ideas? Also where to put it? I was thinking my forearm, foot ( maybe lame for a foot tattoo, when it has to do with hair? or shoulder ) but I kinda want it noticeable which is why I have forearm as my first choice )

Feedback would be great! Thanks!
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Toni's Sexual Exploration in the Art Gallery - A set by Jack Silver

It's after hours in a local art gallery and what happens? Toni decides to take a break from her boring browsing and decides to get down to business. There's an erotic photo on the wall (by none other than NTG's own - Khavi. That's enough to get Toni's mind wandering to the neather regions of her mind and body.

110 photos in this set - make it the largest on the site, to date.

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Okay, so I just started my half sleeve with my butterfly/spiderweb. ( X posted )

But it feels so naked. I was thinking of added a bunch of shaded coloring around it, or perhaps in lines, with stars, like shooting stars. So at the top of the web would be the " sun " and the bottom the " moon " so it would be like a night and day theme with shooting stars.

But I am not sure if I want that. I hate stars, but I need to fill it in, I'm bored. Flowers are also a thought,...

Any ideas?
I also want to add to the dragon on my back, I was thinking of putting flames all across my lower back ( beneath the dragon ) in blues and purples and pinks... To start....

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