Holly (soccerbabeholly) wrote in inkygirls,

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New Tat/Cover Up

    My very first tattoo is of a flower on my lower back. I either need to get it touched up or covered up. It looks terrible. I kind of want to do some stars starting on my lower back (covering up the flower) and going around and up my body to right underneath my right boob. The stars getting smaller as they go up. I don't know how cover ups work. Does the new tat need to be darker/different/same color of ink as the original tat? Do cover ups look like cover ups or does it just look like a first tattoo on that part of your body?
    I have 2 tattoos. The one on my lower back and one on the top outside of my foot right below my toes. Will this one hurt more than either of those did?
    I just totally can't decide what to do!
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