New Tattoo!

So, here's my latest tattoo!

As well as my random obsession with birds, it's also a subtle reference (at least for me!) to Sigur Rós, who own my life. :heart:

Done by the lovely Juliet at Studio 81 in Preston, Lancs.

(please ignore the crappy unicorn tatt I got when I was 18 - this is being removed asap!)


so i have 11 tattoos... i had most of them done between 1995-97 when i was about 19..

two tattoos will not be posted.. one around my nipple and one that is a first tattoo of an apprenticing artist and doesnt need exposed.. its mine i love it and i knew he didnt know what he was doing... we are using that as a mark of beginnings or so to speak.. so here they are.. most of these are going on like 12 years old at this point..

oh and this is cross-posted a few places...

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Tinhorn Saloon

Tinhorn Saloon



A month ago, during some winter down time, I put together a FREE forum, the Tinhorn Saloon. The goal was to put together an online bar, just add beer. There are categories from muscle cars to pinups, from music to tattoos. Post info on gigs, signings, burlesque shows, services, products, and parole board hearings. Folks don't have to already know who are, and your messages don't just reach people who are already your fans.

AND, to sweeten the pot, I've posted 3000 pinup images (with links to the model, artist, or photographer's page) as added incentive for becoming a member. Who doesn't like hot chicks?

There is also room in the header for posting a banner to promote your band/group/site. Check the thread on banner exchange in the Welcome category.

Thanks for your time, knuckleheads
Brady Addison
Stars In Tree

New Tat/Cover Up

    My very first tattoo is of a flower on my lower back. I either need to get it touched up or covered up. It looks terrible. I kind of want to do some stars starting on my lower back (covering up the flower) and going around and up my body to right underneath my right boob. The stars getting smaller as they go up. I don't know how cover ups work. Does the new tat need to be darker/different/same color of ink as the original tat? Do cover ups look like cover ups or does it just look like a first tattoo on that part of your body?
    I have 2 tattoos. The one on my lower back and one on the top outside of my foot right below my toes. Will this one hurt more than either of those did?
    I just totally can't decide what to do!
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I've got tattoo designs for various parts of my body:
the outside of my left thigh
upper right arm
lower back
shoulder blade
right wrist
just below the inside of my elbow

Now this will be my first and the reason that i've collected so many designs and haven't gotten any done is 'cause A)I can't decide and B)I'm scurrrrrrrrrred (i'm a baby btw)

Which should I go for since it'll be my first?

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