Mr. Nemeth (charmed_art) wrote in inkygirls,
Mr. Nemeth

Gun Girl with Curls.

The other day I posted this sketch, and it turned into this girl:

Number One in the recuperative, resussative, recreational triology. Modelled after split_pulse.

Tonight's drawing brought to you by:

Jem - "Finally Woken"
Jenny Lewis - "Rabbit Fur Coat"
Malacoda - "Cascade"
Shriekback - "Cormorrant"
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Very nice, the only thing I dont care for are her tats, they dont seem to match her, in my opinion. (her necklace kiX ass!)
all my current backgrounds seem to change when you post something new
Nothin' wrong with that! :-)
i just came across this journal tonight, i know this was posted in 06, but i love this, do you have anymore?

i'm looking for a pin up of sorts for a tattoo i'm doing down the side of my thigh.
Yeah, just check out my LJ or my website, I do this quite a lot. ;-)
thank you!!!

i'm loving..
hula bride
sin + salvation
chapter 12
haulass hyena

they are so amazing.
i'm going to keep coming back to view your new girls.
i'm a huge fan now, theres a lot of stuff that i saw in your portfolio that i want my pin up to have/look like in my thigh tattoo.

i was wanting my girl a little more on the curvy side, but the look of girls.
hopefully i'll come across something one of these days.

Those are all good ones, indeed! If you'd like, we can always talk about a custom piece, if you need. :-)
oh my gosh, i'd love to!!!

is there another way you'd rather me to contact you other then this journal?
email, myspace, etc.
sure jsut e-mail me at charmed (at) charm-school (dot) com